Mineral wool Knauf Omnifit Slab 35 50mm (1200x600)

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Trapezoidal blocks made of mineral wool

Trapezoidal blocks made of mineral wool


The length of the blocks is 1000mm or 1200mm. The shape of the blocks is adapted to the type of trapezoidal sheet. The stone wool trapezoidal blocks provide an ideal levelling base for the first layer of stone wool insulation and improve acoustic insulation. They are designed to fill cavities in trapezoidal sheet metal.
In addition, it is worth noting that these blocks are also effective in draining water. Their structure and material absorb moisture, preventing water from entering further layers of the structure. Thus, they provide effective protection against moisture and keep the surface dry. The long-term use of stone wool trapezoidal blocks in drainage systems has a positive effect and protects against the negative effects of moisture, such as corrosion and mould formation.
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Thermal conductivity λD 0,036 W/mK
Density ϱ 110 kg/m3
Reaction to fire A1
Additional info can be manufactured into any shape and size


Dimensions and packing

Stretch-wrapped pallets or cardboard boxes – quantity depends on type and shape of roof pitches.
Any quantity can be ordered in any type.
Shapes and roof pitches manufactured to individual customer’s order.

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Trapezoidal blocks made of mineral wool

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